Wait, What About the Murderers, Burglars and Polyamists?

1. So Have You Heard the One About Changing the BCS?

We here at OnFire would like to (belatedly) congratulate the University of Florida Gators for their second National Championship in three years. But once again, coaches, players and fans alike are all unhappy — to an extent — with the outcome.

Can you think of any other organization where nearly every participant or follower hates the leaders and many of their important decisions, yet significant changes never come? The WWE, where almost every fan hates Vince McMahon for one reason or another — especially for leaving The Rock down for the count many times — and the Bush administration come to mind. In the latter case, it’s a good thing Obama, who has publically said he thinks the BCS system should be changed, is coming to the rescue.

Obama has also called for a change to the BCS system. Awesome, show you’re one of us and put a little public pressure on them. Way to go. Apparently, Utah attorney general Mark Shurtleff is really into this change thing also. He must have seen the flashing sign of change in Obama’s aura, and is now looking into suing the BCS for violation of antitrust laws because he believes non-BCS schools are at an extreme disadvantage. This could completely overhaul the entire system and make it so that his undefeated Utes will always have a shot for the title.

Problem is, this has been tried before.

In 2003, a group of 44 university presidents pleaded for Congress to inquire about antitrust laws. Guess what? Nothing happened. We’re glad nothing happened. Congress does not need to interfere with sports-related matters. That’s what attorneys and judges are for. Constituents — unless they are all 18- to 35-year-old male football fans — worry about more important things in their daily lives. But beyond the fact that Congress shouldn’t interfere, isn’t it a little bothersome to Obama and Shurtleff that, despite two probes into this, nothing has changed?

Perhaps the big-time sponsors of these bowls and the big-time conferences these games fund don’t see a need for any change. After all, they are making a ton of money. And as long the right people are getting theirs, the fan vote, no matter his title, does not matter. And that will never change.

2. Hello World

Oftentimes, we criticize athletes who speak out on political or social issues because, really, their opinion shouldn’t matter. But on Sunday, Tiger Woods stood before hundreds of thousands at the Lincoln Memorial and spoke of his military past. He spoke with great poise and proved that he is not only an international ambassador for golf, but also for his country. We still want him to lose at Augusta, though.


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