Well at Least They Didn’t Try to Buy Someone’s Virginity

1. Perhaps He Should Have Just Been a Lions Fan

We here at OnFire recognize that it isn’t every day the Arizona Cardinals play in the Super Bowl. In fact, it isn’t any day because this is their first trip to the big game. Now, if you are indeed a die-hard Cardinals fan, we understand that tickets to the big game against the Pittsburgh Steelers are without a doubt one of the “must-have” gifts of the year — perhaps an early Christmas present, even. Lord knows people have asked for Christmas gifts earlier in the year.

In the past, radio stations have had ridiculous contests, having people swim in a fountain with 33-degree water and no shirt, all as a strange price for the chance to live the dream — sitting in the nosebleeds with 70,000 other people. That’s understandable. One-time action and when it’s done, it’s forgotten. Unless you catch hypothermia, but whatever.

Anyways, one 40-year-old father from Arizona, Fredy Gutierrez, managed to score two tickets from a local sports radio station for him and his 9-year-old son. What did he have to do? Oh, only get a tattoo of the radio station’s logo on his ass.

Now, I have to admit, because of his intentions — making his life and his young kid’s — I can let this slide to an extent. But what about your dignity, man? Do you even like that channel?
And how stupid is the station? Instead of getting a little bang for their buck and having Gutierrez place the tattoo somewhere visible, they put it down below. Of course, if he, you know, gets around that way, then maybe it would work.

In addition, what does the station think of the quality of its work if it wanted the only publicity from this story to be mostly negative? It is nothing more than a juvenile instigator torturing a grown man for something they knew he would almost kill for.

But then again, Fredy may not be alive for the Cardinals’ next title shot.

2. For Once Troy, Shut Up

Speaking on the “Michael Irvin Show,” Troy Aikman had this to say about Tony Romo’s Cabo trip more than one year ago:

“And you don’t go to Cabo the week before a playoff game. You just don’t do it.”
Instead of standing behind his ridiculously uncalled-for statement, Aikman proceeded to backtrack:

“It didn’t take away from his preparations. I know that. I don’t think that had any bearing.”

If that’s true, then just be quiet and leave Romo alone. After all, it’s always TO’s fault.


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