21 and Just as Dumb as Ever

1. Why Can’t Everyone Just Get Along?

Connecticut basketball Head Coach Jim Calhoun’s post-game interview on Saturday will be one he, and his state, will remember for a long time. A freelance journalist, Ken Krayeske, opened by asking Calhoun if he should give back some of his salary — $1.6 million.

Calhoun immediately responded that he would not give a dime back and retorted angrily at Krayeske for even asking. But he went on to respond that his team brings in $12 million in revenue, helps to keep the athletic department rolling and makes life for students more enjoyable.

All of this is undeniably true. No one in their right mind could possibly survive in the harsh Connecticut winter without a little distraction every once in a while. But Krayeske raises a good point. Why should Calhoun, a state employee, make 10 times more than the governor when there is still more than a $1 billion budget gap in the state. As a state employee who is about to be fired or is barely surviving on the little unemployment he has left, I’d be a little upset. We can imagine one would be angry if this coach had a way to help and refused.

Besides, Calhoun makes tons of money from other endorsements, which could easily sustain him.

It may or may not have been appropriate for Calhoun to have been challenged about his salary. The argument can be made both ways.

But if Calhoun ever left and his UConn basketball program began to stink, we can only imagine how many more Connecticut kids would be killing time doing other things. Emory will probably find out 18 years later.

2. Just Ricky Being Ricky

Before there was Manny Ramirez slapping high fives with fans in the outfield, there was Ricky Henderson. In a recent interview with “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” he admitted to the following things:

He once fell asleep on an icepack and suffered frostbite that hindered him for three games. All in the middle of August. But even more ridiculous, especially in today’s economy, is that Ricky once framed and did not cash a $1 million bonus check from the Oakland A’s. His reasoning: He wanted to prove that he was a millionaire by hanging up his first million dollars.

This practice is similar to what most restaurants do — except they use their first dollar.

The question, though, really becomes: Is Ricky a millionaire if he didn’t cash the check? Seriously, what good is the paper worth?

He eventually did cash the check — worth much less when factoring in inflation — but the story is one rea-son why Ricky is the first Manny.


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