2. What do they think we are, stupid?!

Advertising and marketing are powerful tools to trick people into believing that a product is better than it actually is. And for many years it worked: people bought crappy financial products and crappy cars, watched crappy television and even decided to purchase those god-awful Snuggies. But if there is one thing this financial crisis has taught us, it’s to keep ourselves focused on what we are buying and to spend wisely. This fact only adds to the hilarity that is the Detroit Lions football team — we refrain from saying professional because even a pee-wee team can lose every game in a season.

Anyway, the team recently revealed (unleashed) its new logo for the year, a fiercer-looking lion with the word “Lions” italicized. Man, we guess everyone else is scared now. We bet those marketing guys thought this would definitely work.

Sure, it’s nice to see that they are trying to change their mentality by going in with a new look, sort of like a fresh beginning.

But let’s face it, come opening day when the media arrive to ask questions, I’m thinking we’re going to hear a lot more questions that begin with, “C’mon coach, with a logo like that, do you think people are frightened?” as opposed to, “So coach, after an 0-16 season, how do you…”

That’s just our guess. Unless, of course, people are still just as dumb as they were over the past generation.
Which, with what is still on television, very well might be.

3. Give it a Rest

The Yankees fell 22-4 to the Cleveland Indians on Saturday, in a game that included ace pitcher Chien-Ming Wang (Ace? If you mean the Jim Carrey character, perhaps.) Anyway, after allowing 22 runs to the Indians, the Yankees were heavily criticized by their local media. Front page stories read “Stinkees” or had large headlines displaying the score.

What kind of journalism is that? How do they think it helps the Yankees play? You hear all the time that, “Oh, it’s just the tough New York press.” That’s a load of crap at this point. They don’t have to be so overly critical. If anything, they contribute to the negative aura surrounding the clubhouse, further perpetuating the bad play. Guess they don’t care though; whatever sells a newspaper.

But, despite this rant, the Yankees do stink.


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