Keep Good Secrets

On Wednesday, Eric Mangini announced that he was benching franchise QB Brady Quinn in favor of Derek Anderson; surprisingly, he managed to avoid doing so in the form of a riddle, illustrative sketch or whisper.

Mangini notoriously refused to reveal the identity of his team’s starting QB at the end of the pre-season, waiting until the last possible moment before revealing Quinn as his signal-caller. Had a coach with a real track record done that, it might have seemed crafty; It just came off as tacky and small-minded when it was done by a man who has yet to prove he can coach without bringing in legions of his former bench-warmers, eliminating all opinionated veterans from the locker room or while his players talk on cell phones, which are banned in the Cleveland locker room.

Anderson already has three interceptions this season, all coming after relieving Quin in Week 3. For all the buildup to the big reveal of Mangini’s Week 1 starter, chances are Cleveland will go through at least three starters before the season’s over. Anderson had better watch out; he might be pulled before even getting a start if the tinhorn dictator known as “Mangenius” hears his cell phone go off at the wrong time.


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